Mary makes chapatis in Kenya


Photo by Nancy Carson
Mary Oluko in Kenya with one of her daughters.

Level 1 Mary lives in Kenya. Kenya is in east Africa. She has a son and two daughters. Mary has many friends. She likes them to visit her. I live in a small apartment in Mary’s yard. I am in Kenya for a few months to help teachers. I like to watch Mary cook. Sometimes I take pictures. Mary invites friends Today is Sunday. On Sundays Mary goes to church. But today she will not go. She is very busy. She invited seven friends to her home. Mary needs help to make lunch.

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Ebby helps Ebby is Mary’s friend. Mary calls Ebby on her cell phone. “I am having friends for lunch,” says Mary. Ebby says, “ I‘m coming.” Lunch menu Mary wants stew and chapatis for lunch. She cooks outside in a shed. She cooks on a small stove. It is called a jiko. Mary burns charcoal in the jiko. She also makes another fire with wood. She keeps this wood in her shed. Making stew for lunch Ebby lights the fire. Then she peels carrots and potatoes. The stew gets hot. It smells delicious. The cooking pot sits on three big stones. In Kenya, many women use these stones. Making chapatis Mary mixes flour, oil, salt and water. She lights the jiko. She makes small balls. These balls rest on the table. Later, she rolls each ball into a flat pancake. She says one bag of flour makes 28 – 30 chapatis. The lunch Mary gives me four chapatis for my lunch. She knows I love them. One by one, Mary’s friends come for lunch. They enjoy all the food. This Sunday is special.