“Please take my tenant!!!”

Jake Corr is a landlord. He rented a room in his house to Dustin.

Jake and his wife are having twins. They need more space.

They asked Dustin to move out so they could have extra space.

Jake posted an ad

Jake and Dustin live in Victoria. There are not many places to rent in Victoria.

Jake was worried. Dustin was a good tenant. He wanted Dustin to find a new place to live.

Jake posted an ad on UsedVictoria. The ad said “Please take my tenant!!!”

The ad helped Dustin

Jake wrote many nice things about Dustin. He said Dustin was “clean, and respectful.” Jake hoped his ad would help Dustin find a new place to live.

“He’s actually a really nice and cool guy,” said Jake. He offered to pay for Dustin’s first month’s rent and his damage deposit.

Dustin found a new place to live because of Jake’s help.

Adapted from VictoriaNews • Photo: UsedVictoria.ca