PNE and Playland

What is the PNE?

The PNE is a fair. It is held at Hastings Park in Vancouver.

Prime Minister Laurier opened the first PNE fair in 1910.

The fair is open 17 days a year. It starts the third week in August and ends on Labour Day.

Every summer, more than 900,000 people go to the fair.

There are many things to see and do. You can go on rides, enjoy music concerts and try new foods. You can see farm animals and performing dogs.

What is Playland?

Playland is an amusement park. It is also at Hastings Park.

Playland started in 1910. It was named “Happy Land” in 1926. It was renamed “Playland” in 1958.

Playland runs from April to October. It has many rides.

The Wooden Roller Coaster is the most popular ride. It is the oldest wooden roller coaster in Canada. It can go 80 km/h.

Mini doughnuts are the most popular snack at Playland.



Adapted from, submitted by Michelle Lavallee • Photo: Wikimedia Commons/GoToVan