Ride for a good life


Start cycling young.
Photo: Erik (Hash) Hersman / CC, Flickr)

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun by Patty Bossort.
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Bicycling is good for your health.

It is good for the economy.

It is good for the environment.

Six good reasons to bicycle:

  1. It is good exercise. A fit body is a healthy body.
  2. Children learn better after a walk or bike ride to school.
  3. A car costs about $8,000 a year. Bicycles cost about $350.
  4. It is less expensive to build bike paths than roads for cars.
  5. Bikes take less space to park.
  6. Bicycling makes less pollution than driving cars.

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Breath fresh air as you ride.
(Photo: MRHYATA / CC, Flickr)

You can ride your bike to many places:

  1. Work
  2. School
  3. Shopping
  4. Meetings
  5. Parks and beaches

You can ride alone or with others. Get some exercise. Have some fun. Ride your bike.