Helpers are happier

Happy people live longer. Photo: M@rg / CC, Flickr

Happy people live longer.
Photo: [email protected] / CC, Flickr

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Are happy people healthier?

Are all happy people the same?

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Scientists studying human genes wondered about these questions. They studied the genes of people who said they are happy. The scientists found that two kinds of happiness change the ways our genes turn on and off.

Some people are happy because they please themselves. Pleasing yourself turns on genes that give you high inflammation. Inflammation is bad for their heart, brain and immune systems.

People who are happy because they help other people turn on genes that make their body more resistant to diseases. They are healthier and live longer.

Are you happy?  Are you healthy? Do you help others?

Active people live longer. Photo:  Jaydot / CC, Flickr

Active people live longer.
Photo: Jaydot / CC, Flickr

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