A tiny bird is big news


A young Red-flanked Bluetail.
A tiny bird comes to Vancouver
Photo by John Gordon http://thecanadianwarbler.blogspot.ca/

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun / burnabybirdguy.wordpress.com / Wikipedia

Submission by: Patti-Lea Ryan

A tiny bird is big news in B.C. these days.
A young Red-flanked Bluetail has come to Queen’s Park in New Westminster.
It is far from home.

Not a Canadian bird
Our tiny visitor is not from Canada.
It has come from Siberia.
It should be in Japan or India for the winter.
This is a rare event.
The Red-flanked Bluetail has never been to Canada before.

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Visitors flock to see it
Birders are travelling from far and near.
They want to see our small visitor.
News of the bird is attracting people from other parts of Canada.
They are coming from the United States, too.
The people take pictures.
For birders, seeing this bird is a dream come true.

Very healthy and active
The little bird has everything it needs in B.C.
Queen’s Park has a lot of fat worms, grubs and seeds to eat.
The bird loves to playfully flick its tail and dash around from branch to branch and tree to tree.  It is quick. It can catch insects in mid air.

Likes it here
The tiny bird is not in a big hurry to leave.
Birders hope that it will stay here for a while.
This will give more people a chance to see it.
This is a memory of a lifetime for many people.