Backpack safety

Children wearing backpacks / iStockphoto

Children wearing backpacks
(Photo: iStockphoto)

Level 2

Special thanks to the BC Chiropractic Association
Illustrations: Nola Johnston

Choose a backpack:

  • with many pockets, so you can balance
    your heavy things, such as books.

backpack-1 / (Illustration: Nola Johnston)

  • with wide, padded shoulder straps:

backpack-2 / (Illustration: Nola Johnston)

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Pack it right:

  • Put the heavy things at the bottom
    of the pack.
    These things should lean
    against your back.

backpack-3 / (Illustration: Nola Johnston)

  • Put light things at the top.

backpack-4 / (Illustration: Nola Johnston)

Pack it light:

  • Your backpack should weigh only
    10% to 15% of your body weight.
    For example, if you weigh 65 kg,
    your pack should weigh about
    6 kg to 10 kg only.

Wear it right:

Backpack too heavy:

backpack-5 / (Illustration: Nola Johnston)

Weight on one shoulder only:

backpack-7 / (Illustration: Nola Johnston)

Backpack too low:

backpack-6 / (Illustration: Nola Johnston)

Not too heavy, not too low.
Weight on both shoulders:

backpack-8 / (Illustration: Nola Johnston)