Bunnies run and jump

Ridge through hoop

Ridge jumps through the hoop.
(Photo: Jenelle Schneider/PNG)

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Level 1

Ridge is a rabbit. Rabbits are also called bunnies.

Ridge is good at sports. He loves to run and jump.

The bunnies jump and run in the Abbotsford Pet Lover Show.

Children cheer for the bunnies at the show.

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Ivy is in the arms of her owner Nolie Claggett, age 10.
(Photo: Jenelle Schneider/PNG)

Ridge has a mate named Ivy.

Ivy likes to watch Ridge run and jump.

The Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club
Olga Betts started the Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club.

The club rescues and trains rabbits. Ridge was rescued in Maple Ridge.

The Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club helps people learn how to care for pet rabbits.

Rabbits eat more than carrots. Rabbits eat mostly hay. Carrots are a treat.

Rabbits live for about 10 years.