A childhood phase

Bobbi has always enjoyed playing dress-up. PHOTO — CATHY RICHES / PERSONAL ARCHIVES

Bobbi has always enjoyed playing dress-up.
(Photo: Cathy Riches / Personal archives)

2014 Write a Story contest winners

Story by Bobbi Earl
Summerland, BC

This story is by one of our four winners.
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When I was a very little girl andI was just two years old, I loved to go look through my dresser drawers and put on all my favourite clothes. I loved putting on lots and lots and lots of layers until I looked like a big fat football player.

Then I would put my underwear on the outside of the pants. I would put layers of socks on my feet until they looked like club feet. My feet were so round it was hard for me to walk.

At least that is what my mom always said. I have a happy memory of my mom laughing at my silliness.

I still like to dress up, but now I like to wear my favorite outfits. Sometimes I have to try on a few things before I can decide what to wear.