Donny’s Wax

Erik Levings and Taro Milligan are Grade 8 students from Abbotsford, BC. They like to skateboard. Their friend Donnie saw them skateboarding. He wanted to try, too.

Making wax

Levings and Milligan decided to buy Donnie his own skateboard. They made and sold their own skateboard wax to make money.

Levings and Milligan went to a local skate shop. They asked the owner if they could sell the wax there. The owner said yes. He also gave them a skateboard for free.

Donnie was very excited to have the skateboard.

Down Syndrome

Donnie has Down syndrome. People with Down syndrome are born with an extra copy of chromosome 21. This can cause health problems, developmental delays and learning disabilities.

Levings and Milligan decided to name the wax after their friend. They donate the extra money they earn from Donny’s Wax to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.


Adapted from Abbotsford News, Down Syndrome Resource Society  • Photo: Donny’s Wax