Lucy the emu is found


Emus are large birds. They do not fly.
(Photo: TOM WATT / CC, Flickr)

Adapted from The Vancouver Sun and Wikipedia by Patty Bossort
Level 1

Lucy is an emu.
An emu is a large bird.
Emus do not fly.
Lucy lives on a farm near Cassidy, BC.
Lucy ran away from home.
Lucy was gone several days.
She walked about 20 km to Nanaimo.
Searchers found Lucy at Vancouver Island University.
Lucy was ready to go home.

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Emus have cute little faces.
(Photo: WWARBY / CC, Flickr)

About Emus
Emus come from Australia.
Emus are the largest birds in Australia.
They grow to about two metres tall.
Emus eat plants and insects.
Female emus lay eggs.
Male emus sit on the eggs to keep them warm.
The male emu cares for the young.
Emus live from 10 – 20 years.