Bear cubs need help

orphaned-bear-cubs-british columbia-smithers

Orphaned bear cubs
Photo by Peter Langen for The Province

Adapted from The Province by Nila Gopaul

In Smithers, B.C., 30 hungry bear cubs*
play and live at an animal shelter.
The cubs are orphaned.
This means each cub has lost its mother.
Most mothers were killed
by accident – by cars and trucks.
*cubs – a young bear, fox, lion

The animal shelter
Angelika and Peter Langen
run the animal shelter.
It is called Northern Lights Wildlife Society.
The Society rescues and helps animals.

Love their work
Angelika and Peter came to Canada in 1982.
The husband and wife
trained animals in Europe.
Now they help wild animals in B.C.
For the couple,
“It’s not a business. It’s a passion,”
says Angelika.

Winter is coming
It is getting very cold in Smithers.
The cubs need food, a lot of food.
Together, the cubs eat about 125 kg
of food each day.
The cubs eat apples, carrots, meat,
fish, oats, and anything Angelika and Peter can find.

Donations needed
The Society needs help.
It is looking for grocery stores
to donate leftover food.
It is also looking for volunteers.

To learn how you can help, click here.