Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day is on the last Wednesday in February. On this day, people from around the world wear pink clothing to school and work.

Why do we wear pink?

In 2007, a boy wore a pink shirt on his first day of school in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The other students made fun of him.

David Shepherd and Travis Price went to the same school. They heard about the bullying. The next day, they brought pink shirts to school for their classmates to wear.  Nobody could make fun of the boy if everyone else was wearing a pink shirt too.

Later, students in Nova Scotia remembered David and Travis’ kindness. They decided to wear pink shirts to school once a year to stand up against bullying.

Soon, the rest of Canada heard about the story. Now, more than 180 countries support Pink Shirt Day.

How can I help?

Check when Pink Shirt Day is this year. Wear a pink shirt to work or school. Explain why you are wearing a pink shirt to others. Talk with your family about bullying.

Be aware that not all bullying happens in person. Some people are bullied online, or through text messaging. This type of bullying is called “cyberbullying.” Many teenagers are victims of cyberbullying.

For the rest of the year, be kind. If you see someone being made fun of, stand up for them. If you can, help them. Show them that you care. Be a good example for your family, friends and coworkers. As they say, “a little kindness goes a long way.”

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Adapted from • Photo: flickr/New Zealand Tertiary Education Union