Valentine’s Day

In ancient times, Romans held a feast day in February. The day brought people together as couples.

Why is it called Valentine’s Day?

Valentine was a Roman priest.

The Roman emperor wanted young men to be soldiers and not marry. Valentine helped people marry in secret.

Valentine was caught and killed on February 14. People remembered him by celebrating Saint Valentine’s Day.

Couples celebrate their love on Valentine’s Day.

How do people celebrate?

In North America, people celebrate with gifts like chocolate or roses.

In Denmark, people exchange handmade cards with white flowers called snowdrops.

In Mexico, it is a day of love and friendship. People give one another cards, stuffed animals or flowers.

In Peru, people exchange orchids.

In the Philippines, hundreds of people marry in the same place. The government sponsors these marriages so people without a lot of money can marry.

In Wales, Valentine’s Day is on January 25. On this day, couples exchange handmade wooden spoons.


Adapted from National Geographic • Photos: Flickr/mattgriff, Unsplash/Vista Wei