This summer, enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables!


The goodness of summer: fresh-picked strawberries at a farm Photo credit: Andrea_44 (Flickr)

The goodness of summer: fresh-picked strawberries at a farm
Photo credit: Andrea_44 (Flickr)

Check the vocabulary:

  • produce = in this text, it means “fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains”
  • to spoil = to go bad
  • pricey = expensive
  • discount = sale, reduced price

Tips for buying and keeping produce fresh:

Pick your own
Some farms sell cheaper produce,
if you go and pick it yourself.
There are berry farms around Vancouver
where you can pick your own berries.
You will pay half of what you pay at the supermarket.

Ethnic grocery stores
You can often get lower prices at ethnic stores.

Use your freezer
Many fruits are cheaper in season. Many fruits freeze well: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries,
diced pineapple.

So buy more when the fruits are cheaper.
Freeze what you do not need now.
You can use these fruits later to make pies
or homemade ice cream.

Older fruits and vegetables
Produce is cheaper when it is no longer fresh.
They may look soft or bruised.
But they are still good for cooking or baking.
You can also chop them and freeze them later.

Older produce makes good soup,
stew, stir-fry or spaghetti sauce.

Make your own jam
You can buy discount berries, cherries,
plums, peaches and apricots 
to make jam.

Keeping your produce fresh
Do not wash produce until you use it.
Keep it dry. It will last longer.
Throw away rotten fruit immediately.
Otherwise it will spoil the other fruit.

Keep mushrooms in a paper bag,
not a plastic bag.
They will last longer.

Never store onions with potatoes.
The potatoes will spoil faster.

Granville Island farmer's market Photo credit: Eric Mueller (pnoeric -Flickr)

Granville Island farmer’s market
Photo credit: Eric Mueller (pnoeric -Flickr)

Farmer’s markets
Farmer’s markets can be more expensive,
but sometimes you can

Berry festival in Abbotsford
Abbotsford has a berry festival on July 6th and 7th.
The festival is called Berry Beat.
There will be many fun activities for adults and children. 

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