B.C.’s best buildings


The Marine Building is in downtown Vancouver. It won #1 Best Building – in southern B.C.
Photo by Tom Magliery/CC, Flickr

The Architecture Foundation of B.C.
had a contest.
The foundation asked people to vote online
to find the top 25 buildings
in four areas of B.C.

People voted from around the world.
Click here to see the top four winners:

  1. The Marine Building in Vancouver
    got the top award – in southern B.C.
  2. Seabird Island School in Agassiz
    was voted #1 – in the Interior.
  3. The Empress Hotel, Victoria was voted #1 – for Vancouver Island
  4. Dawson Creek Art Gallery was voted #1 – in the North

One of our favourite buildings
It is a home in Vancouver. People call it the “Hobbit House”.
“The Hobbit” was a book and a movie.


The Hobbit House in Vancouver was also a winner. It was voted #3 in southern B.C.
Photo by Ian Lindsay/The Vancouver Sun