Chinese buy B.C. businesses


Sophie Pu and Marco Chi
Photo by Wayne Leidenfrost/The Province

Chinese buy B.C. businesses
Adapted from The Province and
the B.C. Ministry of International Trade by Nila Gopaul
Level 2

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Marco Chi and Sophie Pu
are husband and wife.
They come from
Guangzhou, China.

The couple wants
to make Squamish their home.
The town is “an amazing place,”
with “very nice people,” they say.

Recently, Chi and Pu bought
The Living Room Restaurant.
Chi and Pu’s friend bought
a gas station in Squamish.
Another friend bought a bakery
in Nanaimo.

Ryan Liebrecht owned
The Living Room Restaurant.
About 12 people wanted to buy it.
All of them are from China.

Since 2010, Chinese investment
in B.C. has changed.
People from China are now
investing in small B.C. towns.
They are buying businesses
dealing with areas such as
technology and food processing.