Hayden goes camping

Hayden likes to spend time outdoors. This summer, he is going camping across BC. He is reserving campsites from the BC Parks website.

Why does Hayden like camping?

Hayden likes to explore nature. He feels relaxed when he is away from the city. “When you are camping, you get to see nature in a new way,” he says. “I like learning about local plants and animals.”

What does Hayden bring when he camps?

Campsites in BC have a picnic table and a fire pit. Sometimes, a campground will have a toilet or a water pump. They are shared between all campers.

Hayden likes to sleep in a tent. He uses a sleeping bag to keep himself warm at night.

Hayden brings his own food. He keeps perishables in a cooler. If there is a fire ban, he cooks with a portable stove. He always stores uneaten food properly, so wild animals can’t eat it.

Hayden likes to stay comfortable and safe. He brings a tarp so he can keep dry if it rains. He brings bug spray and a first aid kit, too. He tells a friend where he is going before he leaves home.

Submitted by Felisha Chuter Photo: Felisha Chuter