How to make compost at home

What is compost?

Compost is made when small organisms called microbes break down household and garden waste. Waste can include things like food scraps, grass clippings, leaves and plants.

Waste will break down, or decompose, over time. Composting speeds up the process. It gives the microbes a chance to break down the waste faster.

Why is it good to compost?

Composting is a good use for household and garden waste. It keeps the waste out of landfills.

Compost improves the soil. Plants that get compost don’t need synthetic fertilizer and other chemicals that can harm the environment. Plants usually need less water when compost is mixed in with the soil.

How can you compost at home?

Composting at home is easy.  You can buy a compost bin and keep it in your yard.  You can make a compost pit or compost pile.  Worm bins are a great option if outdoor space is limited.

No matter where you live, you can find a way to compost!

Adapted from Matt Hagens Photo: Pixabay/jokevanderleij8