National Truth and Reconciliation Day

In June 2021, the Government of Canada created a new statutory holiday. 

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is on September 30. 

Did you know? Reconciliation is the act of healing a broken relationship

Why is there a new holiday? 

From 1880 to 1996, Canada sent Indigenous children to residential schools. 

The children were taken away from their families. Many were treated badly. Many died. 

The Government of Canada wants the day to honour those “who were lost and the survivors, families and communities who continue to grieve.” 

September 30 is also known as Orange Shirt Day. 


Orange Shirt Day was started by Phyllis Webstad. 

In 1973, Phyllis was six years old. She wore an orange shirt on her first day at residential school. 

The school took away her orange shirt. She never got it back. 

Now, people wear orange shirts. They want to show that “every child matters.” 

Adapted from Government of Canada and CBC News • Photo: Orange Shirt Day – Delta schools