Are you using your cell phone at work?



Adapted from The Vancouver Sun

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Many young people less than 30 years old are very attached to their cell phones and tablets. In their personal lives, they use them all day, everywhere.

They need to learn how to use these devices in their workplace. Communication at work is different. “What we need are social skills that can help under-30s get on, not only in life, but in their careers,” says an employment trainer.

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Most employers say that young employees have worse social skills than those of 20 years ago. They also say that cell phones encourage rudeness.

Business courses show people how and when to use their cell phones, emails and tablets. They made up a new word for this. It is “netiquette.”

“Cell phones are part of everyday life. It’s how you deal with them that matters,” says an employment trainer.

• Don’t use a loud ringtone.
• Don’t scroll through your emails during a meeting.
• Don’t put a smiley face or kiss in your signature.
• Don’t text bad news.
• Don’t text to call in sick.
• Don’t allow your phone to ring in a meeting.